ThopTV for PC and its essential features

Thoptv for pc

ThopTV for PC is a demanded service because it has advanced features that will encourage anyone to download it. ThopTV is a Chrome extension and Android app that enables the users to watch the latest media content on the platform. You can find many similar applications online but they don’t have on-demand media content on the platform due to many problems.

Thoptv for pc

What is ThopTV?

ThopTV is a video platform, where you can find on-demand media content for free-of-cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny to access the premium content available on many platforms. You can also access YouTube without advertisements and check out popular videos from premium sources. There is no subscription business model in the app and you don’t have to put Credit Card details to access the premium features. Let us look at the features that you get from ThopTV to know about it.

On-Demand Content

Nowadays, we cannot watch the movies & on-demand media content in Theatres because of the pandemic restrictions. Many producers are turning to online streaming services available globally and they are launching the latest movies. You can access the on-demand content that has launched on platforms and you can even access platform that is not available in your region.

You can watch the media content without thinking about limitations because there are no restrictions. Of course, it will take at least one or two days for the latest media content to appear on the platform.

Live TV

Live TV is another major factor for success and it offers HD video quality. The developer added many channels in the app and they can come from regions that we have never heard of it. You can watch Sports, Drama, News, Comedy, English, and other language channels in the application.

You will find a lot of English channels like HBO, CBS, Sky Sports, USA Network, Fox, and more. The Live TV is available in a maximum 1080p resolution and you should have minimum 100 Mbps download speed. The servers are slightly slower, which forces the users to upgrade the internet package to 100 Mbps. You will be able to watch the channels with less than one minute delay in the stream for free.

Radio Channels

Do you listen to Radio every day? You will love this app because it compiled a list of Radio stations available around the world and provide access to it. You can listen to stations that are not available in your region and give you the utmost entertainment from abroad.

ThopTV tracked 2500+ Radio stations from around the globe and made it available in the app. One tap is enough to open the station list and then select one to start listening at the highest quality available. The Radio station audio output is high quality and you won’t have bad signal problems. Unfortunately, you won’t find stations that are not available on the internet because they added available stations on the platform.

TV Series/ Web Series

There is a huge library of released web series and TV series that you can watch in the app. The library consists of free-to-watch content and premium ones from streaming services. If you watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, then you will love ThopTV because they frequently update the library. The team updated the library and you will find fresh series within a couple of days of the official release. The team is not big enough to follow up with the latest episodes, so you have to wait at least two days for the fresh content to arrive.

The series audio & video output depends on the source and you will get the quality that is available on the streaming platform. Let’s say that a particular series of the highest quality is 480p, and then you will get the same quality in the video player. Do not blame ThopTV for low-quality output because that’s all they were able to save.


We watch a lot of TV shows and movies that are produced in other countries. You can take Two Guys (2004) Korean movie, All about lily chou-chou (2001) Japanese movie, The Circle (2000) Persian movie, My Wife Is a Gangster (2001), and more. You cannot watch the movies without understanding the language and what the characters are talking about.

The developer of the service understands the requirements of the media consumer. You have a feature that allows the users to add subtitles. You can add subtitles from external sources and get the best of out the features. Most of the movies have subtitles in it, but if you have a problem in the existing file then you can replace it. You have a huge library of subtitles that you can replace without heading to third-party sources from the browser.


You have the right to know about maximum resolutions supported by the video content.They don’t have powerful servers that can handle anything above 720p because ThopTV does not generate income from subscriptions. You can watch the latest movies and TV shows in 720p resolution and it enables the users to watch it on mobile devices. You won’t have low-quality output problems because it works flawlessly on smaller displays.

The team downloads the original video in the 720p HD quality and uploadit on servers. Let us assume that the movie is launched on Amazon Prime, and then they will save the movie from Prime servers. You are getting Amazon default’s 720p resolution quality, so there is no need to worry about low-quality output. The latest theater released movies may have cam recorded quality, so we cannot complain about it.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick builds on the Android open-source platform and it supports Play Store and you can install Android apps on it. Fortunately, Fire TV supports external app installation in the machine and you can install the latest ThopTV on it. Connect your Fire TV to the internet and install the latest version in the machine to enjoy free media content.

Do not worry about compatibility complications because ThopTV supports Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or later. All Fire TV machine supports the latest ThopTV because they are built on Android 5 (Lollipop). Go ahead and install the latest version without hesitation.

Why ThopTV is not available on Google Play Store & Apple App Store?

ThopTVviolates international copyright laws which Google Play Store and Apple App Store are following right now. The developer never developed an iOS app, so it is not available on the official website. However, it is the primary reason for the ThopTV to miss out on Play Store benefits because they did not acquire an appropriate license to telecast the content in countries.

  1. ThopTV has broken basic copyright laws that are designed to protect content creators.
  2. The developer did not acquire licenses from the production houses.
  3. The service provider does not pay a single penny to the content creator that is a loss to the productions.
  4. The advertisement platform is not suitable for Play Store policies.

There are many contributing reasons for ThopTV to get rejected during the approval session. However, we have listed the appropriate reason for getting banned on the Android app store platform.

Is ThopTV safe?


ThopTV is an Android app that is offering premium content for free-of-cost without acquiring an appropriate license. You, as a viewer are supporting the service, which is a direct violation of the copyright laws. If the government finds out about the illegal activity, then they can file a case against you. It is happening in the United Kingdom and we are suggesting the readers to enable VPN (Virtual Private Network) to mask the IP address.

You are responsible to download, install, and use the app on the Android device because it displays advertisements from unsafe sources. We have seen many services to use similar ad networks that are designed to inject Viruses, Malware, Adware, and other threats.

Bottom Line

ThopTV for PC is possible to use on an Android emulator and you can install the app on the phone for ultimate entertainment. You need an old device running Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and make sure to connect to the internet to fetch data. Let us know what do you think about ThopTV in the comment section below.

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