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Rainerland site

Rainerland Movies is one of the most popular and well-known websites, especially for movie addiction. If you prefer to watch your favorite movies during your leisure time then it is advisable to access the Rainerland site for streaming. Within the Rainerland site, you can find a numerous range of video content collections divided under each genre or category. Rainerland site (rainerland.is) is most popular across the globe with its easy accessibility and flexible features.

You can find numerous websites across the online platform that will prompt the users to sign-in or log in and also process the payment to watch the movies for a specific time. However, the Rainerland site is different and allows the user to watch movies for free. But, this site is also violating the copyright laws and declared as illegal. This popular website will raise numerous questions like whether there is any punishment for streaming free movies, whether it is safe, legal, or not?.

Rainerland site

Rainerland Site Features

Rainerland site is considered illegal for violating the copyright laws and still, they have numerous viewers to stream free movies across the world. Since this site will offer various features to its users. Find below the list of best Rainerland site features offered for the viewers:

  • The users are allowed to watch or stream the entire web series seasons and also the most popular TV shows. These include various TV shows like Daredevil, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and many more.
  • On the main page, it showcases numerous featured movies for the viewer’s benefit to stream or watch.
  • The Rainerland Site will never prompt the users to sign-in or log in or even input the Credit Card or Debit Card information for access.
  • The video content is updated regularly for the users to enjoy the max. Every 5 days, the data will be updated regularly that includes the latest web seasons and movies.
  • Users are not required to download any movies for future or offline use.
  • It is specially designed and much easier to use. Rainerland site will allow the users with easy navigation even if they accessing the website for the first time and able to browse to identify their favorite web series or movies.

Additional features

  • Users will never get any pop-message or notifications of interruptions or advertisements while watching or streaming your preferred movies.
  • Within a few clicks, you will be able to easily locate the latest or recently launched movies or any of your favorite shows.
  • The Rainerland site will provide the entire movies only with the highest video quality.
  • Under each genre or category, you can find numerous or even thousands of movies classified for the user’s benefits. It is also possible to watch or stream numerous TV shows or web series as well.
  • The most important feature of Rainerland site is to watch everything for free of cost.

Without any cost and various features, Rainerland site will become more popular over recent years. It is not required to process a monthly subscription fee and you can gain the entire benefits from the paid subscription. You can utilize everything from accessing the Rainerland site over the web.

Rainerland Site – Legal Issues

In 2016 Rainer Tamayo, the Rainerland site owner was arrested due to executing the pirated website. Later, the news published that there are no video streaming available through the Rainerland website. However, people knew that the site is still executing illegally under the pirated site name. This site will work as a torrent by showcasing without its own video content. Long time back, the Rainerland’s main website is launched to provide video streaming for its users. Initially, people used to access the direct link to access the Rainerland official website (rainerland.com) for streaming movies.

However, due to legal issues, it is not possible to find this official website with regards to its various copyright issues or claim by the multiple content creators. This is another reason, why this website is down over the web. In other countries, the Rainerland administrators had launched this source through similar and new web pages with multiple new domain extensions like rainerland.is or rainerland.bz or many more. For the past few months, the website policies had changed with the strict process and prevent the search engines from fetching its results.

Alternative Sites of Rainerland

Find below the list of best alternative Rainerland sites across the online platform to stream online movies for your reference:


Moviewatcher is another best alternative Rainerland site from streaming online TV shows and movies. This site will provide quantity and quality videos to its users.


  • This website will regularly update the TV shows or web series and users will never miss any single episode of their favorite web series or TV shows.
  • Users are allowed to browse and locate their favorite loved flicks. This site will showcase numerous genres such as MP3 biographies, horror, history, drama, and many more.
  • This site will offer entire entertainment stuff by providing stuff and knowledge-related movies to its users. The upcoming TV shows and latest movies are also updated along with its duration, time, and date.


HouseMovie is another website that will notify the users through web browsers with the updated list. This site is also referred to as Rainerland’s replication and could be an addition to the Rainerland site.


  • This site will display the instructions on how to stream the movies, news related to any favorite movies, ratings, and also reviews.
  • It is a composed site and with a few clicks, you can browse and locate your favorite movies or TV shows along with numerous streaming web links for streaming the video content.
  • Without any complexities, this website is updated regularly and more simple & easy to understand the site navigation.
  • The HouseMovie site will host numerous high-quality web series, TV shows, and movies.


The WatchFree website is another diversified site similar to the Rainerland site. This website will allow users to watch or stream their favorite TV shows or movies without processing the payment. The WatchFree site will also provide a wide range of updated TV shows, web series, and movies.


  • This entertainment website will provide numerous movies under each genre such as drama, romance, comedy, history, horror, thriller, and many more for its users.
  • It is not required to sign-up or register for an account to watch or stream the TV shows & movies on this website.
  • This website is user-friendly and easy for navigation & accessible.
  • It offers high-quality web series, TV shows, and movies for the users.

Movie Flixster

Movie Flixster is another and best Rainerland alternative site to stream or watch TV shows, web series, and movies without any hassle. Users are not prompted to register or sign-up for an account to access the website. You won’t receive any annoying emails from this site as well. For free of cost, you can watch the HD (High Definition) quality movies with full entertainment.


  • This website offers numerous amazing features without account creation and there are no formalities to showcase the movies free of cost.
  • The Movie Flixster website will never upload the video content directly and instead provide the web links for redirecting the web page to another site for streaming high-quality online movies.


The Putlocker website is one of the best and most popular websites with a wide range of movies and videos. The new version is updated and the users can easily browse and locate their favorite movies within a fraction of seconds. The homepage will also display the list of TV shows and movie sections. The library will provide a collection of classic and latest movies for your reference. When compared with Putlocker’s earlier version, the newly updated version will offer numerous amazing features for the users.


  • The URL system is initially incorporated with the new version and it is completely functional. This system will allow the users to browse for any movie and download the same without any hassle.
  • Make your choice of video quality to download the web series, TV shows, or movies from this website.
  • This site offers the HD (High Definition) quality movies and videos.

Final words

If you are looking forward to watch HD movies, then without going for a second thought, you can go ahead with Rainerland. Also, the best alternatives will be supportive to watch HD movies and TV shows, if you are bored to accessing Rainerland often.

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