PotD leveling guide and its essential tips

potD leveling guide and tips

The concept of online gaming has been rapidly increased in the last few years and the outbreak of pandemic COVID-19 have boosted it up quite strongly. Everyone is being locked at their homes right now. It gets quite difficult to spend the leisure time especially when you are not allowed to play outdoor games in case of an emergency. The only thing that can help you out at this moment is online gaming. Let’s have a look at PotD leveling guide below.

The Palace of the Dead (PotD) has emerged as one of the most interesting gaming platforms in the last few years. The gameplay is quite interesting and can keep you engaged with it for a longer duration.  We are here to serve you with some amazing tips related to this wonderful gameplay. Just make sure to follow them very carefully to do the best in it.

potD leveling guide and tips

What is PotD?

PotD is an acronym being used for the online game Palace of the Dead. It is an instanced dungeon game where one can easily enjoy solo and team gaming through the floors of the dungeon. No hardcore gaming skills, no technical information, nothing is being required to get started with it. Gamers can easily descend through at least 10 floors at a time. Gamer controls the game with the help of a character that includes Aetherpool weapons and armor.

The gaming platform comes up with two saves slots. Just face up the coming obstacles stiffly, and kill the enemies to win the title’s trophy. Gamers have to progress through PotD and have to level up their weapons, armor, and PotD class level to get higher in the game.

PotD includes a maximum of 200 floors in a challenge as per PotD leveling guide. You can easily complete a set of 10 floors instantly just by following up on some tips. Just keep on reading to know what exactly are they.

PotD General Tips

  • Grind floors 1-10 until Aetherpool +10 / +10
  • Grind floors 1-50 until +40 / +40 ish
  • Grind floors 51-60 until leveling is complete
  • The game includes three kinds of chests: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold chests include Pomanders, Silver chests include upgrades and Bronze chests include items
  • Make sure to check current Pomander buffs properly before using the other one
  • Hornet and Slimes should be shot first as they only include 1-shot mechanics
  • Open chests only during Luring and Exploding
  • Make sure to follow in groups only
  • The group should need to work in a coordinated manner to avoid traps
  • Hug walls to reduce the risk of triggering traps
  • Never use Pomander of Rage w/Fortune during No Knockback. Use it only on the high density of last floors
  • Pomander of Lust should be used on a boss fight
  • Pomander of Witching should be used for accidental large pulls
  • Cairn of Return should be used for reviving dead party members
  • Silence can be cured by using Echo drops

Tips to be considered to Speed Run

  • Sprint uptime is effective for increasing speed
  • Limit mob kills to the threshold
  • Don’t try to go out of the chests


It is all about the PotD leveling guide. We have tried to impose different tips here to work efficiently in the game. I Hope, it will help you in improving your gaming skills a lot. 

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