How to redeem KBC Points and check registration process

Redeem KBC points

KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) is one of the best and most popular shows telecasted on Indian Television and currently, showing the 11th season. In 2000, the KBC program was started and attracted numerous users with different contestants with their stories. This rigorous competition will covet the KBC’s hot seat and a chance to meet the host & legendary actor “Amitabh Bachchan”. Even some visitors watching the show at home can also get involved in this exciting game and win prizes. However, the viewers using the KBC Play Along app may not receive similar cash prizes like the hot seat contestants.

Redeem KBC points

The participants are allowed to play this KBC game using the SonyLIV app using Android mobile phones. During the final stage of each episode, the lucky winners will receive numerous prizes from the show. The KBC Play Along participant will be awarded points for each correct answer. Make use of the leader board to check your position and make it achieve the first place. Only a few lucky winners are allowed to showcase during the final week of the KBC show. Moreover, only one lucky winner will get a chance for winning a car through KBC Play Along app.

Registration Process for KBC Play Along Game

Follow the below-provided instructions to register for the KBC Play Along game for your reference:

  • First, you need to download and install the SonyLIV app from the Google Play Store for free.
  • Access the KBC Play Along banner and navigate to the KBC Play Along option within the menu.
  • Sign in using your Facebook or Google account and confirm the provided Terms & Conditions.
  • Choose language: Hindi or English, and tap the Play Now icon.
  • Register your valid email address and as well as mobile number. Ensure that you need to provide the mobile number that is properly registered with the Indian Telecom Service Provider.
  • Input your educational qualifications, occupation, age, and gender. Each answered question will grant 20 points to the player.
  • For PAP access, if the SIM card is not properly registered under the participant’s name than it is not responsible by the company for tracking PAP.
  • The entry might be disqualified if the particular mobile number is not registered under the contestants’ name. Unique mobile numbers are allowed for the PAP request.
  • The registration process will accept the contestant to receive any promotional or offers message from the authorized third-party or the Company.
  • Based on the Rules & Regulations, the procedure for participation & registration is pre-defined. PAP non-conformance is disqualified as per the process from winnings or participation.

KBC Game Reward System

You are allowed to earn 20 points if you are answering the question that is worth Rs. 20,000. It is much easier to redeem the entire points that you have received from the KBC season. The winners are allowed to redeem their points before this year-end (December 31st, 2020).


  • A chance to meet the host & legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan to get on Hot Seat
  • 30% Discount on Ajio Voucher (Maximum: Rs. 300 and minimum purchase should be Rs. 999)
  • 1,000 worth Amazon Gift Voucher
  • 5,000 worth Ajio Gift Voucher
  • 10,000 worth Amazon India Gift Voucher
  • Chance to win One Hero Scooter
  • Internet Data: 5GB Add-on
  • For each episode, a couple can win a chance to USA Trip

How to Download Jio KBC Play Along App

You can follow the below-provided instructions to register Jio KBC Play Along using the JioChat app:

  • First, download the JioChat app’s latest version from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After downloading, install the same on your mobile phone.
  • Access the JioChat application.
  • Tap the KBC menu and navigate to the Jio KBC Play Along app.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions (You should be 18 years above & also an Indian Citizen).
  • Tap the Play Now icon to start playing the Jio KBC Play Along game.
  • The game will be available only on Monday & Friday.

KBC Play Along Winnings Points – Redeem Process

Follow the below steps to redeem your KBC points:

  • Access the JioChat app on your Android mobile phone or iPhone.
  • Navigate to Play sub-menu and tap the Winning option.
  • Press the Winning Prizes option.
  • Now, the list of winning prizes will be listed.
  • Access the Show Redeem Option.

Now, your KBC points will be successfully redeemed to your account.

Jio KBC Play Along (5GB Data) – Redeem Process

Follow the below steps to redeem your Jio KBC Play Along 5GB Data rewards:

  • Access the MyJio app on your Android mobile phone.
  • Press the Menu and navigate to the Voucher Section.
  • It will list the available Jio KBC Play Along 5GB Data Voucher Code.
  • Press the option “Recharge & Confirm”.
  • Once it is done, the voucher will transfer the 5GB Data access to your account.

KBC Play Along (Ajio Coupon Code) – Redeem Process

Follow the below steps to redeem your KBC Play Along Ajio Coupon Code rewards:

  • First, open up a web browser and visit the Ajio official website.
  • Log in or Sign in using your Ajio account.
  • Then, select & add your preferred products to the bag.
  • After adding the products, you can view a new option for applying the coupon code.
  • Input the Ajio Coupon code to redeem the KBC points.

Ensure that you can receive the Ajio Coupon Code only by winning the Jio KBC Play Along game by using the JioChat app. It is not possible to receive the Ajio Coupon code from any other process. The Coupon code is valid only for one-time access.

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